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An SPN/RPF movie challenge
spn_cinema is an SPN/RPF fanwork challenge, where movies serve as the basis of fic, art and audio-based fanworks. For more information, check out the FAQs here.

2018 Cinema Round 9
Claims Post 1: Sat 8/11 10 am CST
Claims Post 2: Sun 8/12 10am CST
Claims Closed: Mon 8/13 1 pm CST
Posting Schedule & Draft Submission Info: Sat 8/18
Drafts Check-In: Mon 9/17
Drafts Due: Mon 10/15 12:01 am
Posting Instructions: Fri 11/2
Posting Begins: Mon 11/5

Comic Book Layout by sireesanwar of layout_lounge; small icons by famfamfam.com; graphics by dugindeep

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