cinema_mod (cinema_mod) wrote in spn_cinema,

Round 10!

spn_cinema Round 10 is in the works! We're ready for another fantastic year and can't wait to see what you all have for us!

In the immediate future, we're looking for a new mod to join the team and hope you're out there somewhere ... It's a pretty lowkey position with some need to be attentive, but we don't bite and only require a few specifics:

* basic HTML for LJ and Tumblr posting
* attention to detail for claims posts and scheduling
* short- to part-time availability to scan emails, comments, tweets, etc., as well as sharing fanworks to twitter on a daily basis
* enthusiasm for SPN_Cinema and supporting all of our fabulous creators!

We'd also love to work with someone to revamp our graphics/styles on LJ and Tumblr - if you are both of the modly and graphics persuasion, even better!

Please reach out to us via email if you're available: spncinema.mod [at] ([at] = @ of course).
Tags: * mod post, mod post

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